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Frontend Development

Ultimez Technologyis professional Web Development Company in Bangalore, India having a top notch FrontEnd Development team. We enable users to see and interact directly with the relevant website and web application. With careful planning, we employ the latest tools including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, CMS, 3rd party integration and many other which ensure the clients that their website comes up correctly in cross browsers, cross platforms, and cross devices.

Using the up to date front end development tool we create modern, scalable, and high performing front end assets that wok across multiple types of browsers and devices.


At Ultimez Technology, we understand this powerful tool and build beautiful website on different platforms. Being responsive is now demand for the bestbusiness presence over competitor and this can be possible with our web architecture that uses the latest HTML5 to ensure you the best web experience and be able to take presentation of your website to the next level.


Ultimez Technology is proficient CSS3 developer offering the greater control of page structure, reduced file size, stored external sheet, and multi-size border for images with stylish effect. We employ the different processor of CSS3 like 960 Grid System, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS and others.

960 Grid systems:

We design our client’s site using 960 Grid systemsfor fast and easy way to create grid based layouts.


At Ultimez Technology, we design a website with Bootstrap framework toenables you to scale your website and thus leads to best showcase of a site.

Java Script:

At Ultimez we understand that a good Website presents the business. The website built with specific language and framework creates an online face which is vital for a company to grow up. We have specialized team of developers who are expertise in popular JAVA script libraries thus making your website easy to implement with fancy features.Other frameworks we use are

• ExtJS
• Dojo
• AngularJS
• Kendo UI
• Durandal
• JQuery,JQuery UI
• Prototype
• Backbone.Js
• Knockout.Js
• RequireJs

We make sure that your website can run smoothly regardless of browser capability as we know the best usage of above framework for more powerful and complex functionality.

Browser Support:

The responsive website by Ultimez Technology enables your site to work across multiple devices and browser. Each time browser’s new version is released and we begin supporting that version since our engineering team make use of new capabilities, update themselves with newest technology thus making your site to support the current and major releases of all the browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and many other

CMS: Content Management System

Now it’s easy for you to navigate your business website at your own.

Ultimez Technology is expertise CMS Development Company in Bangalore, India. We have CMS developers who have expertized in several Open Source CMS Platforms who makes content authority and content diversity easy.

We at Ultimez Technology have an extensive expertise in designing and creating website using below CMS platforms

• Drupal 7/8
• Word press
• Pimcore
• Joomla
• Frog CMS
• Bitrix.

Using these CMS platforms we have delivered the best of CMS based website. Our team enables the website to be utilized by both technical webmaster as well as non-technical person. The Ultimez Technology’s effort on CMS based web design facilitates you a collaborative and productive work environment thus enabling users to have real time updates

Our CMS web development solutions assist every business,be it forstartups (to own simple and robust websites) and large organizations (to construct and automate the massive content) for corporate website. We firmly understand the need of website owner hence we provide you with very sophisticated content management systems where in you have supreme control over the content of website with modification in your CMS.

3rd party Integration, APIS, Plugins

With the growing popularity of internet organization, we provide a wide range of 3rd Party integration, APIs and other plugins services to clients based on the requirements.

Our wide experience with APIs across diverse domain (such as shipping, payment, travel, social media and many others) delivers the most appropriate solutions that support your business needs.

We work on the following 3rd party integration and APIs networks.

• Google API
• Facebook API
• Yahoo API
• Wordplay API
• Amazon AWS
• Skrill
• Twitter API
• Ebay API
• Paypal API
• WebMoney API
• Amazon Store
• 2nd Check out and many others

Depending on your needs and budget, we offer the services or APIs & other plugins that can be used to send notification of events and has been perfected over the past years to provide all the standard features.

Loading and Website Optimization:

A well optimized website is likely to get conversion of their organic clicks into genuine leads. We are specialized in maximizing the website conversion potential for clients through many ways including on page & off page strategies, social media marketing and many other.

We are not just specialized in driving traffic and leads but developing the proven strategies for client that will positively impact your bottom line. Our expertise web optimization team enables your site to have top keyword rankings in the organic search results which typically professed with more creditability by the visitors and users.

We’ve split our service into 3 main segment that seek improve the success rate of your company’s conversion objective and they are

• Google page speed
• Web page Test
• Code review and solution review technique

With this segment we focus on developing unified conversion cones that leads visitors down a predetermined way for greater web presence optimization.

Image optimization:

Since an acceptedand well placed Image in website communicates more information than thousand words and yields best performance.

At Ultimez Technology, our expertise designers are able to find the optimal setting for your image, careful analyze the dimensions, format capabilities, content of encoded data, pixel dimensions etc.

We do provide high quality image optimization services with the use of latest and advanced techniquewhich is more likely to speed up site pages, reduce the bandwidth and improve the experience of your site visitors. Our image optimization services are based on the following image tool or software that enables you to optimize the image before and after uploading to your site.

• Pngyu – for PNGs
• JPEGMini – JPEGs
• FFmpeg

Development Approaches:

Ultimez Technology is experienced to serve to the exact need of clients within specified time and budget with the advanced approaches and methodology.

There are following methodology we use

• Waterfall Approach
• AGILE Approach


As we all know that working on the next phase does not get done until work on the previous stage has been completed, thus it’s called waterfall approach or model because the distinct milestone must be approved at each stage. Ultimez Technology is the right place to get your project fulfill as per the client’s requirements. If you want your project to be done with waterfall methodology our team begins the work only after the project perquisite and requirement reviewed and approved by the customer.


Unlike the traditional software development approach, Ultimez Technology uses agile methodology for creative process that anticipates the need for flexibility to deliver the final product effectively. With agile methodology, we deliver products by demonstrating working software and getting acceptance along the way with quick respond to the client’s ongoing requirement. Our team’s effort leads to an action that adds value to your website and assist you to reach your business goals and milestones.

Once we get the conclusion of client, our dedicated team starts the work the way in which our clients would like anddelivering the solid and maintainable results that satisfies need of our clients. This is what really counts for us.