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Mobile Development

Ultimez Technology is a professional Mobile Application Development Company in Bangalore, India.In the world of mobile development technologies; we shoot for amazing and innovative mobile business strategies. OurWell experienced team develops world class mobile application for IOS, Android, and Windows phone and beyond, helping businesses to improve remarkably by investing in a mobile app.

Mobile Centric Apps:

Ultimez Technology creates the mobile apps that are easy to use, fast to download quickly updatable, error free and can seamlessly interact with the backend server and help businesses to drive additional revenue.

Extending Enterprise into Mobile:

Our greatest methodology for mobile app development enhances customer experience and gives themselves an excellent edge over their competitors. With this feature your business can be accessible to your customer anywhere & at any time.

1) Near Field Communication:

Ultimez Technology enables you to implement fast and secure payment transactions, access digital content and connect to electronic devices. We also deliver the NFC enabled apps to advance the facilities, staff and security management along with asset administration.

2) Beacons:

With our Beacon-enabled apps you can easily know whether and when the customer reaches your website. We made it easy for you to target the audience at an exact location with personalized offers and speed checkout process.

3) Augmented Reality:

We make iteasy for you to perform real time data visualization on site. We provide AR services that measure how realistically augmentation integrates with the existent world.

4) Optical character recognition:

Our specialized mobile app development team offers the latest version of OCR-enabled apps to assist you in conversion of digital camera into editable and searchable data thus reducing the manual workloads and making document looks just like the original

5) Geolocation:

Our proficiency builds apps that are based on custom location which enables to identify relevant enterprise information on map. With our geolocationservices you can enhance management asset, high tracking and delivers your potential customers with related location-based content.

6) Streaming:

We provide streaming solution with mobile features that enables you to engage and communicate with clients in retail and business world with high flexibility in performance circumstances. It is authorized by encoding. Our custom app solutions are also able to provide you with specific needs and security examination for your business.


With excellent mobility solution and yearsof experience we update ourselves with latest and advanced technology and offer competitive advantage to the businesses. Whether startups, SMB, or any other form of business we creates the killer mobile app that builds backend environments for handling your mobile application demands.


Our main objective is to cater your business requirement with full security and confidence till the end hence we implement MDM/MAM user authentication and encrypted data transfer thereby maintaining sensitive data and taking your business into growth level.


Ultimez Technology presents and delivers frontend and middleware mobility solutions which guarantees for interoperability and integration of application. Our exciting apps and features enables you to get connected with existing infrastructure, data connectors and communication protocols utilizing various APIs as well.