Outsourced Software Product Development Company in India

Ultimez technology is one of the high quality custom outsourced Software Application Development Company in Bangalore, India. We have work with wide range of variety of business domains. We are experience to deliver outsourcing software applications to meet the various aspects of business.

We provide for both startup and long term exiting company. We go through every stage of outsourcing software development process such as business conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to develop complete solution for business.

Custom development

At Ultimez we believe in creating solution for your business problem, we don’t build just custom outsourcing software solution we provide complete software solution to enhance your business need and to achieve business objective.

UX design and prototyping

UX design plays very essential role in every software projects. We provide UX design and prototyping which builds complete usable over various devices and platforms.

Development of outsource software products

We build powerful commercial product that meets diverse user desires and various projects relevant to software. Step in to the platform where you can get technology and domain expertise to build outsourcing custom products that creates interest between your key audiences.

Enterprise Integration

We build effective outsourcing software integration solutions which easily face the challenges with the aspects occurring by the competence. Our experts develop EAI solution to enhance actual time frame information access, business processes and assist system protection.

Outsourcing Software Application Development

Low-risk agile approach: We follow agile approach of methodology which allows building any kind of complex projects, easy to change requirements and enhance entire quality of products by our QA expert advices.

User experience and usability gets good precedence: We have UX/UI experts to ensure app in proper way, innovative and also it should be easy to navigate although it is on desktop or mobile.

Information and Data Security: We go with complete security control of products, we develop services which also protect from difficulties such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting attacks and stuck by any other resources.

Backend Integration control: Here we have great experience in dealing with complex enterprise backend and have knowledge to ensure with expertise to maintain your backend scalability and speed.

Outsourcing Software Development Process adopted at Ultimez Technology

We follow systematic process while developing outsourced software projects such as it includes various stages as below:


  • Vision and Scope
  • Methodology
  • Project charter
  • Communication Plan


  • SAD
  • SRS
  • Wireframes, UI/UX design, prototyping
  • Testing plan
  • Schedule of project


  • Unit test
  • Change Management
  • Source code
  • Status of report


  • Bug setting up
  • Testing


  • Admin and User guide
  • Deployment