Four classy features of Instagram – Emoji Slider, Music Sticker & more

Instagram updates

Instagram moves closer to expanding its potential by consistently adding new features and tools, designed to capitalize on audience behaviors.

Instagram Adds New ‘Emoji Slider’ Polling Option for Instagram Stories.

Recently, Instagram has introduced a new feature, which allows users to rate their opinions on various stories by moving an emoji along a sliding scale. Hope you all are enjoying this new tool.

In case if you are not aware of this new tool. Here you go…

If you are bored using  Instagram’s poll stickers, I’ve got a good news for you.

The emoji sliding feature is quite identical to poll stickers. Emoji stickers allow users to express a range of feelings whereas, poll stickers allowed users to select between two options.

This tool will let you know how far individual followers moved the scale. Emoji sliders can be included in stories just like any other sticker.  You can Add a question, locate it where you want, and choose any emoji you’d like to use.

Instagram Testing a New Music Sticker Option for Stories

Image result for Instagram Testing a New Music Sticker Option for Stories

Instagram is all set to launch “add music” feature in its stories module. A new Instagram coding found in its API  indicates that,nstagram might soon add music to Stories.

Yes, you read it right! Now you can enhance your stories with your favorite music.

Thinking how? Let’s go in deep.

This component was first Spotted by a Twitter user Ishan Agarwal. As the name tells, the feature will allow you to search and add music clips to your stories. There’s no more information on how exactly does this tool works, but it’s possible that users will be able to select a song and add it as a sticker to their Stories that would allow the people watching those Stories to play it. This could make that song a background music for the Stories. The search for music clips can be done through separate tabs such as Trending, Genres, and Moods. (As shown in the above picture).

Listenable music stickers make Instagram Stories much more interesting to watch. Currently, Instagram hasn’t announced the new music feature. It is expected that a launch date will be shared soon.

A Hidden Instagram Feature Shows Users Time Spent in the App 

Addicted to Instagram? The app may soon tell you about it

If you have ever been waiting to know how much time you’re spending on Instagram, you may soon be able to find out.

Google had recently updated new tools to help smartphone addicts manage the time they spend using their devices, similarly Instagram to soon offer its users a quick way to see just how long they’re spending on the app.

The code found in Instagram’s API  reveals a “Usage Insights” feature that will show users their “time spent”. Although, it’s not exactly clear whether that will be your total time spent in Instagram ever, which could be a pretty scary number to some users, or within some shorter time frame like a day, week, or month.

Instagram Looks to Add In-Stream Payment Options for On Platform Shopping

Get ready to shop on Instagram!

Instagram is likely to become a new e-commerce medium. A simple yet unique feature will allow sellers to tag their products that are available for sale and enable payment in the Instagram app. The platform has already been working on its ‘Shopping Tags’ for posts and is slowly rolling them out to more businesses.

The feature was first spotted by user Genady Okrain, and adds to the list of recent discoveries of potentially coming platform features hidden in the app’s code.

Hope my article got you closer to the new features of Instagram! Stay connected to know more updates about your favorite social media

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