Travel Portal Development or Tour Operator Software?

Travel management software or Travel Portal Development is a tool developed to streamline the overall activities of travelling for travelers and major travel market players - including transport tickets booking, vacation planning, booking for hotel rooms, adventure trip plans and more.

Travel Software Development
Travel API integration

Ultimez Develops Travel APIs

Ultimez provides travel API integration service that directly connect you to all the info you wish to show your prospective audience. Your customers are ready to make the most of the simplest deals on flights, hotels or automobile rent from where they're within the world - either as 3 freelance travel solutions or integrated along.


Technology in Travel Software Development

As the trends are raising, industries are stepping up with the latest technologies and Softwares.Ultimez Technology gives you the best solutions in the travel industry that you could offer for quick travel portal development. We provide complete support throughout the development phase of your Travel Software Development till it reaches your customers efficiently.

Travel management software
Travel software portal

Why Choose Ultimez Travel Software Portal ?

Online travel portals developed by ultimez is highly customizable and User friendly. We have integrated Advanced technology to make each online booking system unique and assist you in integrating various APIs including Hotel Booking, Car rentals, Property Mapping, Public transportation, Flights data, routes, packaged travel and more.


Outstanding Travel Software services

The rising wave of millennial travelers and their international trips are expected to reach 320 million by 2020. In order to build bigger and better travel agency that reaches to mass travel geeks would require smart softwares and efficient marketing services.

Travelers often browse the web ahead of booking tickets, hotel stays and other accommodations! According to David Chapman of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Convention (WYSE),

The millennial generation is growing up in a technologically advanced world where travelling and communication go hand-in-hand and are easier than ever before,

As a result, a user friendly, simpler and efficient travel management software would enhance their travelling experience. Software development services are crucial for various industries and also the growth of business in an exceedingly competitive market. People who analyze the importance of web applications are eager to search the companies which are professional in developing solutions and make software development as per the requirement of client.

How and Why Travel Software Applications Help Travel Industry?

Travel companies globally are gearing up for cost-effective and innovative solutions for exploring the technological approach to market their products. It is necessary for them their own tour operator software to grow in competitive world.

  • By 2028, forecasts suggest that the travel and tourism industry will support more than 400 million jobs globally.
  • Overall Indian Domestic Travel Market Is Projected To Reach $48 Bn By 2020
  • According to Kapil Goswamy, CMD,, the Indian travel industry is set to grow from a $33 billion in 2015 to $56 billion by 2020.

What is Travel Portal API and Why Should You Care About?

In this technological era, Application programming interface acts as the synonym to this growing connectivity. It allows for connecting data streams and functionalities between different software products. APIs perform as control panels for developers to connect different software components without dealing with source code.

What does this mean for the travel industry? If you run a hotel business, you'll be able to let your customers rent a car straight from your website by integrating your room reservation engine with available local car rental providers. This could place an automobile-rental commission in your pocket or simply create your customer’s life easier by eliminating time browsing the net to rent a car.

Currently, most of the travel API integration are XML based API. It stands for Extensible Markup Language and encodes a document which can be read by both, humans as well as machines. Depending on free open standards, it allows users to write and send information across different computers. Once having API XML integration along with your travel platform, you'll be able to simply manage your portal. It will offer the subsequent advantages to your travel portal

This is ideal for giant/mid-sized travel firms that have a comparatively large budget and wish to focus on a good market.

Advantages of having an Travel API Integration

  • You can add margins and markups to your customers
  • It is you who can accept the payment directly from customers
  • Provides extremely dynamic data came back from the XML pages
  • Less maintenance of content which will permit you to specialize in your core tasks like promoting and upconversion ratios of the targeted traffic

Potentials of Travel software applications For Your Business

  • Travel booking made easy

  • All in one travel software portal will streamline the overall booking processes. Users can check and compare more flights and accommodations faster, usually guaranteeing a much better price without the hassle of multiple emails. Employees can book their own trips, which not only increases autonomy but also overall satisfaction

  • Generates valuable corporate travel data

  • Putting everything into the hands of a corporate travel agent only serves to take it out of yours, depriving the valuable data that can serve to improve your processes over time. Using digital travel solutions means generating troves of data full of valuable metrics like flight costs, hidden fees, travel frequency, hotel stay frequency, and many more. All of this valuable data can be used to allocate funds in a better way and negotiate better deals with those most used flights and hotels

  • Any time – any place

  • Travel software portal enables Travel industry to simultaneously communicate with all external and internal public regardless of their location and time zone. This has helped users to process information and transferred faster across the web of their network. All this data is accessible at any time, at any given place allowing Travel industry the flexibility and efficiency to conduct business with ease.

  • Report Generation

  • Using travel software solution means generating a collection of data full of valuable metrics like flight costs, hidden fees, travel frequency, hotel stay frequency, and many more. Additionally, this data can be used to better allocate funds and negotiate better deals with those most used flights and hotels.

Top Features That Every Travel Industry Is Looking for in Travel Management Software

Beautiful Image Gallery

High-resolution pictures allow users to visualize what they will experience when they book with your firm. An image gallery incorporated in the booking system allows you as the tour manager to pick the best sights that they will see along the way, and highlight those features of your tours. It’s also important to put up images of your team at work because it gives identity to your business.

Real-Time Booking

This feature benefits users to get rid of the difficulty in answering phone-in availability inquiries. Real-time booking features allow users to choose when and where you will offer specific reservations. On the other hand, customers can book these tours and reserve your services when it is convenient for them, and they receive quick confirmation of their reservation.

Coupon codes and offers

Coupons are the best way to promote a sale and offer a discount. To grab client attention and boost sales travel agents ought to supply discounts and rewards. The travel package comes with intrinsic coupon code logic that permits travel agents to come up with a coupon code and provides it to a client to avail coupon discounts offered on booking.

Secure Payment Gateways

Payment gateway integrated systems minimize the manual tasks and efforts needed to send receive and payments. Thus, several merchants area unit adopting gateways like PayPal and many other platforms that facilitate each consumer and sellers to send and receive payments instantly and firmly.

Mobile Friendly

Since mobile devices have begun to envision daylight and also the increasing usability of them to browse the net, it's been to update your website to be mobile friendly. According to the recent analysis, we found that 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices. So, having the website optimized for mobile devices allows your customers to directly book on your websites, from anyplace, at any time. we tend to build a mobile-friendly website that accepts bookings from any device thus you don’t miss out any leads.

Multi-Currency and Multilingual.

When you are targeting potential audience across the globe, it is necessary to offer them the convenience to read their language and pay with their currency. It increases trust and also helps them understand better about the travel product. Multicurrency include beyond credit card or cash transactions, including other forms of currency ranging from cryptocurrencies to tokens. Adopting and implementing crypto payment gateways to attract digital customers.

Access to the Cloud

Basically, your days as a travel manager aren’t spent sitting in front of a desktop computer all day. You can probably manage your business over your smartphone or tablet as well, thus ideally you'll need to own a booking system that works with ‘the cloud’. ‘Cloud’-based code permits you to manage your business remotely, whereas you’re on the go and dealing with customers at an identical time.

Social Media Integration

People who are looking into your services for an upcoming vacation will probably want to stay on top of your latest promotions and deals, which you likely advertise via social media. Social media integration in your travel software development code permits your customers to quickly link to your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.

Ultimez Incorporating the Latest Technology in Travel Software Development

For the startups as well as the established travel service provider, we have an entire travel portal solution to cater your various requirements. Our travel portal software fulfills the needs of various holiday travel software applications as well.

For example, hospitals/doctors using software are more likely to get patience’s healthcare quicker than those waiting to visit the hospital and executing testing procedures. Apart from tour operator software, we have successfully delivered software solutions to array of industries including Hotels, Education, Real Estate, Finance, Banks and more.

Ultimez present to develop all kind of website development solution. We create strong working relationships while adding value to the solutions we provide.

Ultimez Technology continues to pile up, serving a wide range of happy clients across 8 countries of the world. If you are looking for a new software or web, branding-related services, hit the official website of Ultimez Technology.