Kereana Birthday | ultimez

2017’s First Birthday celebration

As the year 2017 begins, Shivaraj and Kereana have their birthdays coming up, a little celebration is planned during the workday to mark the event. We have just started to enjoy the New Year’s new possibilities; Shivaraj Birthday showed up within the first week of January. Few days subsequently, another birthday popped up in our 

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seo is important for business

Essential On Page SEO factors | Ultimez

Hello readers, Here is an exact guide on each aspect of on page SEO factors, have a look. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the process of increasing the quality traffic to your website from the organic search results on search engines. There are 2 major types in SEO: On-Page SEO: it is the practice of 

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Christmas outfits

The Christmas Day Celebration at Ultimez Technology

Just like every year, this year also Ultimez has celebrated the grand occasion of Christmas blissfully and cheerfully. To enjoy every moment of Christmas, we all planned it well a week ago. A brief about Christmas: The word Christmas has originated from the old English words Cristes mosses which mean the mass or the festival of Christ. Pope 

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Psychology website design- fonts, colors, space

A great design is more than content and its looks read out the Psychology website design with interesting insights. It’s all about visitor’s experience concerning your site when they visit it and the type of their feeling might be positive or negative- are completely in your hands and should not be overlooked with any feature. 

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Vital WordPress Automation tools you must know about

It is important to know WordPress automation tools because managing a WordPress website is an extensive task. If you can use automation tools, it can save WordPress developers time and reduce loads of responsibility so that you can focus on other aspects of website development and maintenance. Here goes the list of most significant WordPress 

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Why Redesigning of the website is important

Why Redesigning of the website is important?

Redesigning of the website has become a known practice as it is widely recommended by expert website developers for their clients owning the business website. Now the trillion dollar question is, “is that really important” or it is again a trial and error method to increase the ROI of a website? Surprisingly it has been observed 

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The Festival of Lights Celebration at ULTIMEZ

Deepavali or Diwali is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. It is called as festival of lights. Deepavali ; the festival name got originated from the row(avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes which indicate that it protects us from the darkness. This festival is very important for 

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Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration at Ultimez with full Enthusiasm

Birthday Celebration at ULTIMEZ Ultimez celebrates Every Employees Birthday with bursting zeal and complete fun since we understand that birthday celebrations bring fulfilled moments and happiest memories. The Celebration of Birthday is accompanied by the Cake cutting and mouth watering snacks. At the office premises of Ultimez, we celebrate every occasion (be it religious or 

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