Role of Travel Portal API in Travel Software Development

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According to the study, travelers visit distinctive websites to book their holidays. These sites tend to be ‘all-in-one-place’ platforms, done by combining knowledge from various sources through Application Programming Interfaces.

A good example of this is Uber that in 2014 allowed third-parties to include the “request the ride” practicality in their applications. Today, your native looking at app will let users commute from one landmark to another without switching apps.

Role Played of Travel Portal Software with API

Most of the Travel agency website will have a booking engine and there is an integration of the travel API with the third-party inventory system, GDS, feed. This is how the customer will never get to access another site but even collects the payment from your site.

If you run a hotel business, you’ll be able to let your customers rent a car straight from your website by integrating your room reservation engine with available local car rental providers. Moreover, this might place a commission in your pocket or simply create your customer’s life easier by eliminating time browsing the web to rent a car. These are the most prominent types of APIs used to bind travel industry features and information.

 However, leading travel software development company are transitioning from building their own new merchandise and services to creating software portal that changes travel startups and third-party firms to attach and faucet into to their sales systems.

Platforms are helping travel companies sell more than they could by selling on their own 

In the past, if a travel software development company wanted to expand their business the option was either to build the product or acquire it by buying another travel company. Additionally, a quicker, efficient and possibly more profitable model is to license 3rd party products and services through APIs. In this raising business model, your company can be generating revenue in a few weeks to one-two months.

So, Let’s see the most important types of APIs used in travel software development

travel portal software with api

  • Comprehensive booking and reservation coverage
  • Flights data: routes, airfares, delays, ratings
  • Hotel rooms reservation APIs from  channel manager and connectivity 
  • Car rent
  • Business travel
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Public transport
  • Things to do, tours, attractions, and restaurants
  • A packaged tour, and attraction APIs from channel managers

Platforms and APIs speed up the sales process enabling the platform company to drive growth quicker with less risk

Looking For Top travel software development company?

Ultimez Technology, the best web development company in Bangalore, has been serving its customers by providing state of the art travel software development for a few years currently. Ultimez has empowered its customers with all its technical support and acumen. However, designing the website, development of the software modules and integration of all third parties  XML and API has been done by the company. Integration of SSL and Payment Gateway has also been an important forte. The company also helps its customers to do the required third-party tie-ups necessary to run the said business.

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