Google Map Is Testing Crash and Speed Trap Reporting

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Over the years, Google Maps has revolutionized from a digital map and navigation app to something that can help you survive almost anywhere in the world without much hassle. And now the app is getting even more helpful.

Google Maps Is Testing Waze-Like Crash and Speed Trap Reporting

Google Map crash and speed trap reporting

Back in 2013, Google introduced Waze, a popular navigation app that allows users to report speed traps, traffic slowdowns, and accidents. Waze has been a competitor to Google Maps for quite a while. Currently, Google is introducing similar features in its google Map application.

The main differences between Google Maps and Waze is that,Waze comes with more detailed information that some drivers might find useful or important. For instance Waze allows users to report accidents so that drivers know which routes to avoid.

While navigating, check whether you have a Report button on the bottom of the screen. Further, by tapping on report will bring up the option for you to report either a crash, or a speed trap.

However, the feature is still in beta version. A post on social  media forum has revealed that the feature is live for few users in few countries, but not for others. Moreover, there is also no guarantee that these features are confirmed for Google Maps. If Google decides to push this feature permanently live, and more and more users will be reporting incidents, you will benefit from the information on your way to your destination.

Final Thoughts

we can imagine that these are some features that some drivers might enjoy. However, it seems less beneficial compared to Waze, but if you want to notice only the important ones, then this Google Map could be worth looking forward.


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