WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” – Say Hello to the New Editor

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WordPress has launched a huge modification to its editor in 15 years. But, many users have warned that the latest version released on December 6 is not as stable as it should be.  Despite a positive user experience and urged a delay in updating until bugs are ironed out.

New editor Gutenberg described as representing :

“A fundamental shift in the WordPress editing experience” and uses a new drag and drop block structures to simply adding rich media.

The Code-name of  WordPress 5.0 is “Bebo,”. It includes a number of improvements, with a huge user-facing change being the new Project Gutenberg editor.

What is the latest version WordPress 5.0 going to change?

WordPress 5.0

Once you update to the latest WordPress version, everything is going to function a whole lot different. The headline feature, known as Johannes Gutenberg – an application editor that permits you to form pages and content visually. The format is acquainted with WordPress page builder plugins before or builder themes like Divi.

Gutenberg isn’t just an application builder, it’s conjointly a standard builder that permits you to form-content blocks. You’ll be able to use these blocks multiple times across your pages and edit all from identical place. So, for instance, you will be able to produce a CTA block promoting one in all your digital downloads.

Fabio Torlini, Managing Director, EMEA at WP Engine, a WordPress services company, stated that : 

“Where WordPress provided a revolutionary open source solution for website creation, Gutenberg truly democratizes the web.”


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WordPress provided guides to help WordPress theme developers to build sites that work well with the block-based editing approach. Additionally, in support of the new editor is the new 2019 default theme for WordPress 5.0, which provides users with custom styles for the blocks that are accessible in the new release.

Unfortunately, there are some users who are resistant to the change and not want to adopt the new editor. However, WordPress 5.0 has an optional plugin called Classic Editor, which restores the same editing interface that WordPress was using in the 4.x series. However, WordPress plans on continuing to support the Classic Editor as a plugin until  2021.

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