Feedback from Our 2015 Interns

Feedback from Our 2015 Interns

Let’s take a look at following feedback from engineering students,


The ULTIMEZ TECHNOLOGY had good communication with interesting candidates, and they guide very well and support to think the creative idea and at last completed a project called Done My Job support of the company.

Student Name – Sonam (BVB)

I had new learning experience through this internship exploring to working environment, completing the assigned tasks and projects, modification every time, finally completed successfully with build confidence with supporting staff(employees) with the guidance of CEO in ULTIMEZ TECHNOLOGY, Hubli.

I am thankful to them for providing the opportunity.

Student Name – Sanjana (Shimoga)

We were here for Internship at ULTIMEZ TECHNOLOGY, We learned about PHP Code. We did the project on DoneMyJob. It is great and such a wonderful experience of doing the job during collage days and we thank Qadir sir for giving this opportunity.

Student Name – Shweta (BVB)

Working as an intern at ULTIMEZ TECHNOLOGY for the period of one month was really amazing; This Internship was really very helpful where I could expertise my skill in the web developing languages. The staff at Ultimez is very friendly and helping in Nature. Overall I had a great experience working at Ultimez.

Student Name – Sonali (BVB)

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