Google Chrome on Android Lets You automatically download articles

Now Google Chrome will automatically download articles

Want to be updated with a daily dose of news, but don’t have seamless internet connectivity? Don’t worry, Google has come up with a solution with its latest update.

Now Google Chrome will automatically download articles

In recent years, there has been a big push to improve internet access and make it easier for users to view online content even if they are not connected to the internet.

Google is announcing a new feature for Chrome on Android. Chrome’s data saver has been great for users where Internet connectivity tends to be more limited, such as India, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil along with more than 100 countries.

Let’s check out how the update works?

The browser will download appropriate news articles/ content based on what’s trending in your location.

In case, if you have signed into Chrome, it will use your browsing history to clinch which articles might be more relevant to you. Further, the downloaded articles will be saved in browser’s download page with a folder named “popular pages from Chrome”  where the user can be accessed without an internet connection.




However, you can also disable the Chrome’s data saver (As shown in the image above )

The update is currently available in the latest version of Chrome for Android users across 100 countries & more. You can get the latest version from the Play Store and see if the feature is available in your region.

The latest update is available only for Android users, it may soon be live even for IOS

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