Interesting and Creative Updates of Instagram , Don’t Miss to Take a Glimpse

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The Most popular & trending photo sharing application, Instagram is all set to give a tough competition to other social media platforms by launching innovative & creative updates frequently.

Instagram to deploy new features “Regram” “new posts” and Live Hashtags and Profile Links in Your Bio”

Instagram allows the user to share other’s post through “Regram” button.

Its one of the desired feature for all Instagram users. Unlike, Facebook ’s share button & Twitter’s Retweet button, now Instagram is launching a new feature called “Regram”. This button allows the user to share post’s of others as their story with their own caption.

Regram button

Instead of saving other’s pictures/videos  & then posting, this “regram” button would reduce the steps & make the process smoother. Moreover, the user can preview it by resizing the image & writing caption.

However, this button comes with a security option. If the user is not interested to share their post,  they can just disable “ALLOW SHARING TO STORIES” option. The feature is still in beta version. Additionally, this feature benefits the business users to promote their business by enabling  “ALLOW SHARING TO STORIES” and share their product.

Instagram to improvise  News feed by launching a new button “new post”

After lots of complaining from Instagram users about missing their favorite posts due to automatic refresh. Finally,  Instagram has taken this issue seriously & working on it.

Instagram is now testing on “New posts” button, which gives control to users. This button allows the user to decide when they want to refresh the application instead of automatic refresh. Further, When the user taps on  “New posts” button they are more likely to view the recent and latest posts. This feature benefits the user not to skip any previous post until they tap “New post” button.

Instagram Allows Live Hashtags and Profile Links in Your Bio

Recently (March 21st ) Instagram released a new update “# or @ tag “ in your bio.Instagram provided a new way to express & highlight your Bio by including “# or @ tag”.   To add hashtag or profile link in your bio, just tap on “EDIT PROFILE” option. Further,  when you type  # or @ a drop-down list appears with some recommendation, select the tag of your choice. The selected tag will automatically be linked to your bio.

Ultimez Instagram

Whenever any word in your bio is preceded by a “# or @ tag” it gets live & linked to related page or profile, However, the linked profile user will get notified & will have a choice to remove the link if not interested.

Instagram is rising its popularity by updating innovative & user-friendly features to keep the users engaged and connected. Hope you enjoy these new updates.

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