Instagram to add more classy features in coming days

Instagram to add more classy features in coming days

The most popular photo sharing application, Instagram has brought some interesting updates. Did you check? If not, have a look at this article.

Instagram to debut Scheduling(Beta), Carousel Ads on stories, Stories Alert Feature.

Top Instagram updates that you can’t afford to miss!!

Instagram, the Internet-based photo-sharing application created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, in October 2010 is rapidly acquiring the audience of other media platforms. With millions of users in just a few months, the first update of Instagram appeared In June 2012. The first update was an “Explore” tab, which facilitates user about photos and photos taken at nearby areas. In the last few days, Instagram debuts a lot more features and updates.  The most recent update of Instagram introduced a “type mode” for “Stories” feature, letting users add photos to a 24-hour temporary story.

What’s new in Instagram for business Now?

Carousel Ads

The latest update that is carousel Ads on stories, now stories are no longer limited to one piece of media, it can incorporate multiple types of media, rather than a text with one image or video. This feature allows the advertisers to tell a small story in their Ads. This tool is going to make an enormous difference in ease of use by advertisers.

 carousel Ads on stories

Scheduling (Upcoming)

The popularity of Instagram has led to a variety of third-party services using its functionality and adapting it to promote their business worldwide.  This new update is like a ray to business users to rise their business.  The scheduling, in particular, can actually change how social media marketers are interacting with the platform. This new feature will eliminate the current process of scheduling a post in the dashboard, receiving a push notification and then manually posting via mobile.

Instagram has released a new feature that allows for on-platform native scheduling. Business users will be able to schedule their posts through this feature. These updates make it easier for business profiles to manage their business more effectively & and save a lot of time.

Take a screenshot of your friend’s image and they will get notified

Stories Alert Feature is disastrous news for Instagram users. Soon your friends will know if you screenshot an image from their Instagram Story. which means that users will get notified when someone screenshots their story. This feature is currently only testing with a small number of users, and there are no current plans to roll the feature out to all Instagram users.

Instagram has done a lot to make the platform friendlier for business profiles & private users. It became more dynamic and engaging these days. On top, the platform is taking over the various image editing tool out there with its stress-free option of creating and editing an image.

Hope you enjoy these new updates when they are live. We keep you excited about upcoming and new dynamic updates of your favorite platforms. If you find this article interesting, Hit thumbs up! Comment your reviews & share with your friends.

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