The latest mobile app development trends 2016

The Latest Mobile App Development trends

Latest mobile app development trends 2016

Mobile apps have become quite popular these days as these applications are making life easy and set out with little effort. By knowing the latest mobile app development trends will largely help your business to grow . However, mobile app development largely depends on user trends and that is why market completely moves on user demands.

Regardless specific niches of applications, there is a general trend that inspires app developers to plan their app development process. For example, recently website designing services are inspired by mobile responsive technology for better usability of the site.

Faster integration:

Recent trend displays a quick turnaround time for the launching of each mobile app. Although, Mobile app developers are reducing the gap between ideation and launch.

Driven With Cloud Technology

Booming cloud technology plays vital role in the app development revolution. Accordingly, there has been an upward shift in the usage of mobile devices. This tends to make app developers more focused towards the ability to integrate and synchronizing apps developed for multiple devices.

Security features are New in it

Most of the apps are featuring with tight security attributes so that the users’ data remain safe from cyber hackers. Security features are one of the user-friendly qualities of an app that boosts users’ confidence on the use of this application.


Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming apps are now widely popular. These applications are launched for Windows, Android, as well as for iOS also. Different categories like arcade, puzzle, strategy, adventure, action apps are available for free download although most of these gaming apps are available with in-app purchase and premium versions.


HTML 5 and related development app are quite popular now. Mostly enterprising apps are designing on this platform and these are refer as hybrid mobile apps.  Mobile applications built using hybrid frameworks like Ionic, Intel XDK,Mobile Angular UI, or Sencha Touch can support multiple platforms. Due to wide compatibility, these are quite popular between users and developers. As a result, the market trend shows a keenness of developers for using hybrid technologies by a keeping general focus on native app development.

Mobile apps developed in integration with business websites are mostly built for enhancing the mobile responsiveness of websites. According to a leading Web development company in Bangalore, mobile app integration with e-commerce website boost user experience. These are the latest mobile app development trends in the market, which is taking over technology rapidly.

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