Ultimez Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payment for Web Services

Ultimez Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payment for Web Services

The trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency are skyrocketing – with the growing demands of our international clients, Ultimez Technology is glad to announce new cryptocurrency payment solution for wide-ranging web, digital and branding solution.

Crypto Driven Web Solution by Ultimez Technology

Out of thousands of cryptocurrencies available, Ultimez Technology is accepting the top leading digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Verge, Litecoin, Dash, NEO. At initial, we are heading up with Dash Coin implementation as a means of payment for Web services. Other currencies will be processing with additional service in coming days.

The concept of decentralization is growing at a wider pace and Ultimez Technology is one among the initial companies implementing the blockchain technology across its software services. With this initiation, the web and digital services are now available to all our international clients. Beyond Paypal, bank transfers and online payments, cryptocurrency payment is an Add-on.

Why is Ultimez Technology accepting Cryptocurrency?

Security and Transparency 

Blockchain technology represents a chain of digital “blocks”. These blocks maintain the records of transactions and are connected with each other. This system of digital leger recording makes it difficult to deal with single record thus highly difficult to hack. On top of it, the records of transactions will be securing through cryptography. Herein, each network participant has their own private key. These private key acts as a digital signature and if anybody (except the transaction owner) tries to alter it, the signature becomes invalid and then peer network will identify the malicious activity.

Anonymous & Decentralized

Since this type of payment system runs without the involvement of the third party. Individuals across the world rely on cryptocurrency payment for all kinds of services.  Though trading platforms need bank accounts of individual bitcoin users to invest or withdraw, Bitcoin addresses are not tied to the user’s identity of a protocol level. Anyone can create a new random address without prior appraisal from any authority. Also, the transactions are not tied to any party either, rather it processed on P2P networks.

To make web services accessible to our international clients

Moreover, cryptocurrency makes transaction global and borderless. By accepting the digital currency as a means of payment, we certify our web and digital currencies will be accessible to every client at a global level. 

Ultimez supports following cryptocurrencies

However, we inline few of the top cryptocurrencies to our clients – i.e Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Verge, NEO, Dash, and Ripple.

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