LinkedIn Updates Messaging Service with Minute-Long Voice Messages

LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn has grown as a powerful tool for professional networking, with particular popularity among professionals. Perhaps, it was lacking with some interactive features, that other social media platforms include. Linkedin is now working on it to make the platform more user-friendly and engaging.

LinkedIn updates messaging service with minute-long voice messages


The professional networking platform is proclaiming voice messages as a smooth way to communicate. Whether you need to give a deep explanation or respond while multitasking, voice messages allow you to quickly communicate in your own voice with your connections.

So why is LinkedIn adding voice message?

The first reason is convenience, sending voice messages in one go is easier than typing a long text. Especially when it comes to explaining longer or more complex ideas. This is without the involvement of typing and editing a message.The second reason is that the asynchronous messages, as compared to phone calls and voicemails, voice messages are easier for recipients. The company feels that users can better express themselves via voice.

Let’s see how the features work…

To send a voice message, tap on the microphone button when in a chat with someone. Then press and hold the microphone while you speak. Release the button when you’re done to send the voice message.

The voice recording feature, which will be live over coming weeks, for both iOS and Android app.

Enjoy this new features once it is live. Let’s wait and watch, what LinkedIn has next for its audience.

Hope the article was worth reading, stay tuned to know what’s on the horizon on your favorite social media platform.

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