What if there was no Google?

What if there was no Google?

……Sitting along thinking something…..& sudden an idea comes to my mind – What if there was no Google?!!!

Fact: “Life was simple the moment Google was not there but it is simpler when it is there”

With the emergence of Google search engine in the year, 2001 by Larry Page and Surgey brin – a new move towards discovery of information has come into light.

Ever since, Google initiated its first update of search, it endures streamlining the findings. For instance, a recent update can let users know how a product can be seen in different colors, how it can be worn and local language reviews translation and so on.

Nowadays, it is not only a search engine but serves beyond that!

Key Facts What if there was no Google?

More than 80% companies recommend their employees using “gmail accounts” for daily work activities. The moment they open up their computers/lappy, they snapped chrome and then type gmail. Ohhh!! Wait, logo is the first thing Google shows up them on their screen, which looks impressive for special days. The logo then known as Doodle.

Doodle: Strengthening the power of graphical and visual skills of students/ designers. This process actually focuses on cognitive benefits.

#Naming Babies: It is surprising that people often search babies name to nomen their newborn babies. Subsequently, there are websites that are existed with a huge list of names suggesting people find good one for free.

# Alexa:

So called – Alexa.com could not gain this extreme consent and compliance from companies if there was no source of presence.

# Map:

Recently we had a trip and it was quite difficult for us to find the exact direction of the resort! Concluding this point that wherever you are, whatever you plan to do – Google comes along the way.


Dandeli trip from Ultimez

#: News:

This one is really exciting; when you are more specific about local language news and you are not in your region. Google ensures you can access to news in your regional language irrespective of the location you currently placed it.

# Videos:

Be it singing, dancing, programming, teaching, fashion or anything you may think of, Youtube – A Google product supports you strengthen your distinct skills through more relevant videos.

#Voice Search:

Google Voice search - What if Google was not there

The upgraded version of search. If you cannot see mobile screen and want to listen new songs continuously, Google has made it possible. The voice search lets people know about the information without having to type any words in search bar.

“The detail view of this feature can be seen in my next article- stay tuned and sign up our newsletter”

#Yahoo, #Webcrawler, #Altavista, #Dogpile, #HotBot, #Ask #Jeeves or #Excite or #Google

“No matter, how last you place the name Google, 90% people will search it and then opt it” These search engines were working as dictionary form, enabling people to find information based on keywords on web pages. But then Google pop up with experimented algorithm. It is now a world’s fastest and more popular search engines referred by almost 98% population of the world.

The key mission of this company what everyone loves is “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” and to be an engine that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.”

My Final Thought

I am so much confident on Google that if I type anything also, it would get some result –!

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