What internet is talking about right now- Google’s birthday?

Google’s birthday -what the internet is talking about right now

Excited to write about Google’s birthday

When we write something, want to get update something or even want to promote anything over the world of internet, the only source we consider is GOOGLE.

Everyone knows that Today the 27th September is the birthday of Google and it is 2016 this great search engine has completed 10 years by upgrading its service day by day.

The Story of Google is really inspirational; the two young founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered domain name Google.com on September 15th. The main aim of these two young entrepreneurs was to organize the never-ending information on the web.

Updates of Google

  • Registered a domain in 1997 as Google.com
  • Monthly newsletter launched in 1998
  • Google AdWords has been launched in 2000
  • In 2001 Google images have been launched (initially offering access to 250 million images)
  • Google news has been initialized in 2002
  • The large platform for blogger has been launched in 2003
  • The official mailing system GMAIL has been initialized in 2004
  • GOOGLE MAP goes live in 2005 along with Google mobile web search is released for mobile searchers.
  • In 2007 Google announced the Android the first open platform for mobile devices
  • Google chrome made available to download in 2008 along with the acquisition of Double click has been done
  • In 2009 the first message on twitter has been done
  • Google+ pages go live in 2011
  • Google drive launches and android market becomes Google Play in 2012
  • Google+photos has been introduced in 2013

Not only is this there are many other features that Google updated to ease user in each field to search and to explore.

This was the short bio of Google and few things about Google’s birthday covered by ULTIMEZ TECHNOLOGY. Google has and is transforming the business culture every day; to look forward we must look at google’s new update.

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