Google has Rolled “AMP Stories” for the Mobile Web

Google has Rolled “AMP Stories” for the Mobile Web

According to the latest Google Report, the leading search giant has rolled out a new storytelling feature as “AMP Stories” for publishers. The feature will work on both device; mobile as well as Desktop.

This new format will facilitate content publishers to deliver news or information with visually rich and tap-through stories citing mobile focus setup.

However, the story feature is not new to the online audience, initially Yahoo ran News Digest and the process is then followed by photo-sharing app, Instagram, and Snapchat. Also, momentum continues with facebook’s launch of story updates.

So, how it looks like?

When you attempt a search for something; for instance, here I am searching “search engine land” and Google will return the result of top stories of the respective websites.

Desktop View of AMP Stories

Mobile view of AMP Stories


“AMP Stories” for the Mobile Web

Google AMP Stories to engross reader’s attention

Humans are visual which is why Google’s AMP stories are built. Indeed, the statement reads, people browse a lot of articles on mobile but end up reading in deep. The visual information presenting as AMP stories will certainly help publishers to engage readers with their next articles.

The early experiment on the story-focused format in AMP by Google and a group of publishers was a welcome move to offer creative and visually rich ways of storytelling explicitly for mobile.

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