Google removes ‘view image’ from image search result

Google removes ‘view image’ from image search result

When you’re looking for a WhatsApp profile or a social DPs, probably you may attempt a search on Google for a picture-perfect image. If so, you might have also seen “View image” button once after selecting the image. But the button is not available now.

Google remove small button “View Image” link in Google images.

The announcement came in a wake of Google’s partnership with Getty Images. The button was very small. But it enables users to access the image instead of having to visit the website hosting the image.

However, the update looks trendy and effective for photographers and websites but worse for users. The updates become the best way for all photographers and publishers who were grouchy over their published pictures. It includes few changes that have been announced in association with Getty images. This new update intends to improve the attribution of Getty photos and urging people to click over the original publishers. Moreover, user may get frustrated to find images to follow additional step for browsing the website.

But a good thing is that, Google has left one more option for users to save their favourite images.  They can simply right click and select “open image in new tab” or view image and you will still get full-size pictures.  Though only few may do this attempt but Google’s new image update highlights “Visit” button which impulse visitors to click on to get respective pictures.

Beside View image button, Google has also removed “search by image button”. It was however used to get image as per the preferred size. Moreover, users may still get similar images by simply dragging the image to new tab and click on image search result.

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