Importance of High Performing Landing Pages

what are Landing Pages & Importance of High Performing Landing Pages

Everyone knows one or the other digital marketing ways used to enhance business, website performance, brand exposure, increased conversion rate, and many others But one of the effective ways can be Importance of High Performing Landing Pages.

What is Landing Page and Importance of High Performing Landing Pages?

The business stands for many purposes, one of the main reasons can be increased conversion rate: Landing page serves the important element in the conversion of leads into sales.

Landing pages are those page of the site to which visitors arrives at your website after clicking the link you provided in the various digital campaign to target the key customers. The informative, useful and creative landing pages enable visitors to get converted into customers.

How does it work?

To make it more precise and clear, I will enlighten it with an example.

Say for instance, you own a professional store which offers accessories like gifts etc. suppose a lady wants to present gift to her colleague and looking for professional store and in one case she might go through her emails, in promotional mail (if you have started email campaign) she might come to your mail, opened it and in bottom case she clicks on a link (link which you have provided for call to action or contact us) and if likes she will buy it from you. The page for which you have provided link contributes as the landing page of your website which enables her to be your customer.

Therefore it is vital to creating landing pages smart and pretty. There are many other marketing ways which work as Call to Action for a landing page such as

• Google Adwords
• Social media marketing
• Email marketing or campaign
• Blog posting

How to make landing page high performing?

The keen observation of your present business performance to attain enormous growth through landing page is essential. Therefore before creating a landing page, the need is to go through the following surveillance.

1) Know how and why you want to create the landing page: the purpose for landing page can be to enable visitors to buy something, sign up for form, subscribe to newsletter, and download something. Based on the goal create a landing page.

2) Whom you are targeting: make sure that your efforts should not go waste. Have a clear picture of your target audience, their nature, perception and the specific interest in products related to your business industry. Further, know what they are looking for particularly and satisfy them with effective CTA strategy.

3) Which tactic can give the best performance with low investment: before investing your time, effort money and other things on something, make ensure that it will give a satisfactory result. Stab to know the different marketing tool where your target audience can get engage more and try to effectively present your landing page there.

Types and Importance of high performing landing pages

Landing pages are not only used as a tool to generate leads but also used as an effective inbound marketing strategy which helps to attain many other business objectives.

There are two types of landing page:

1) Click through rate landing page
2) Lead Generation landing page

Click through landing page: it means to click through to another page, typically to the page which describes the detail information about particular products or offers. Here are more chances of conversion since the visitor is closer to the purchase decision.

Lead Generation landing page: Since with the name, here main objective is to generate more lead to increase sale. Owner in this type wants to collect customer’s detail info to reach him for further step. Strategies used to collect data can the contest entry, Ebook, free trial, Webinar registration, etc.

Here are some of the great advantages why we need high performing landing page:

Generate leads: The high performing landing page attracts more visitors and there is possibility for conversion

Increased sales: following targeted customers and increasing sales can be made possible with the effective landing page

Reduce advertising cost: It is a cost effective way and helps you reduce advertising cost of business.

Enhance brand reputation: High performing landing page assists in brand exposure and enhancement.

Enhance ranking: being the inbound marketing tool, high performing landing enhance search engine ranking as well.

Overall there is various advantages and Importance of High Performing Landing Pages for businesses. Focus on the target audience and create more landing pages as needed for better performance in respect of sales and SEO and experience the effective way of a digital campaign. you can take the help of SEO experts like Ultimez – The Best Web Design Company Bangalore that helps you in creating landing pages more effectively.

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