Instagram Will Soon Enable Video Tagging on Its Platform

Instagram testing video tagging feature on its platform

Are you enjoying Instagram emoji shortcuts feature? Well, today I got an exciting update for all video lovers. I am dam sure, you all love it.

Instagram is quite boring for video lovers, as it doesn’t allow users to tag their friends. Now hold on, you can tag your friends for video uploading as well. Yes, recent report shows that Instagram is currently in test of “tagging on video”. According to sources, it allows users to tag their friends while posting the videos.

Instagram Will Soon Allow Video Tagging on Its Platform

Instagram Will Soon Enable Video Tagging on Its Platform

Instagram users often love tagging friends while sharing the snaps but end up tagging friends while sharing videos on it. However, it seems really miserable that still video tagging feature on Instagram is not available for everyone but fortunately, the platform is now working on it.

How Will Instagram Video Tagging Feature Work?

The feature works similar to photo tags. You will notice a small icon at the bottom left, this button links to a list of tagged people. Further, when you tap this button, you will directed to a new page named “People in this Video” with either all the Instagram users who have appeared in the video or the people you have tagged .

Moreover, if you are tagged in a video, you won’t find that video on your profile page.

A spokesperson confirmed, in a statement.

“We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love.” 

However, the feature is still under beta version with a small group of users. The release date is not yet declared. Ultimately, the release of the feature depends on how well the test has gone, but this featwure is somehting that all Insta users have been waiting for.

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