What’s New on Instagram? Focus Icon, Chat Search Filters and Voice and Video Calling

What's New on Instagram Focus Icon, Chat Search Filters and Voice and Video Calling

The most favorite image sharing application, Instagram has now become the first-click app for most people. As soon as they unlock their mobiles, Instagram is the first app they snap on. The platform introduces the series of new features that make it the best and top rated web & mobile network.

Hope our previous article on Instagram latest updates was worth reading the time. And now we are here with couple of new features that Instagram will be rolling out very soon.

Instagram to integrate “focus” icon in the Stories camera feature &  starred Chats, Chat Search Filters, Data Download Report

Instagram update for all selfie addicts – Focus Icon!!

The app is growing its popularity day by day with its innovative & creative features. To make the platform more engaging & user-friendly, Instagram added many icons in the stories camera feature like the boomerang, super zoom, rewind, live & type mode, which are popular & attractive icons, used by huge folks in the recent years. Yet another new icon it is introducing is “Focus button in the story setting. 

What is Focus Icon?

Instagram is now testing a new icon called “focus” in the stories camera. The Focus camera feature was first spotted by Pippa Akram and shared by Matt Navarra. This icon allows the user to take an image in portrait form with blurred background or other light effects. It asks users to “find a face” to start. Once the face is detected, the image is clicked as shown in the below image.

Currently, this feature is being tested on dual camera smartphones like iPhone & Google Pixel. Instagram may make use of a software that can achieve the same effect on smartphones that have only single-lens cameras.


By adding these features Instagram is more likely to grow its popularity not only in sharing pictures but also as a camera app for snapping the pictures. However, few say it “Portrait” while others name it “Focus “. The release date of the icon will be announcing soon, let’s see when it actually releases. But we hope you will love this feature when it comes live. 

Starred Chats, Chat Search Filters, Data Download Report

Unlike Facebook  & Whatsapp, Instagram has come up with some new updates in a direct messaging feature.

Starred Chats: Instagram will be soon providing the user with the ability to star mark (*) their direct message threads by long pressing on the particular thread.

Instagram for iOS to Get Starred Chats, Chat Search Filters, Data Download: Report

Chat Search FiltersThis feature allows users to filter there direct messages/inbox between “read messages” “starred messages” & “unread messages”.These categories will be available in the Search bar of direct message feature.

Data Download Report: It enables users to download/backup their personal data. The downloaded data will be sent to the registered user ID in the form of zip file.

Voice and Video Calling

Unlike Facebook, now Instagram is launching new feature “voice and video calling”. Some files named “call” & “video calls”   have been noticed in both Instagram and Instagram Direct’s Android Application Packages that recommend that there will soon be a “Call” and “Video Call” function available.

Similar to WhatsApp, this icon will be appearing in the navigation bar in the chat. It will be accessible to the user once they open an active chat thread with another, which means you will be able to video call only if the other user has already accepted the request to chat. Otherwise, the icon won’t appear. By tapping an icon, the video call starts which may include certain filters similar to the Facebook messenger.

Final Thought

Instagram has taken its popularity to a new peak by frequently launching creative & engaging features. With such innovative and trending updates, Instagram is not just a photo sharing application but also an advanced social chatting network.  

These features are still in beta version, hope you enjoy these features once they are live.  Stay tuned for interesting updates on your favorite social media platform.If you find the article worth reading hit thumbs up & do comment your reviews.

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