Facebook to tackle false news and working on two new features !

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The social media giant, Facebook stuck with a problem of fake news for a quite long time and it is working on new tools to tackle false news with two new additional features.

Let’s go in deep.

Facebook to reduce the spread of fake news through new tools.

Facebook will now fight against misinformation. Last year, during the presidential campaign, there was an enormous amount of fraudulent information, leading to the spread of fake news about president Donald Trump on Facebook and Google. Due to this incident, Facebook is all set to launch new tools to filter out fake news.

The way fake news has spread through social networks becomes difficult for one to address. Facebook’s new tools will give transparency to the fake news process. To bring awareness among users, Facebook is releasing a new video of 12 minutes on their back-end process along with several experts.

The platform has also introduced a bunch of measures over the last year. Few of the features were include labels for issues-based ads, additional links for further context, and indicators on the potentially fake news.

Currently, the company doesn’t seem to have a clear plan of action. Perhaps, the platform is collecting a list of website domains, that have been known for a trait for posting fake news. Further, those websites will be automatically flagged.

As of now, Facebook posts that have been flagged are not appearing for everyone yet. You may experience it very soon in coming weeks.

Facebook introduces Stories Archive.

Another feature Facebook is introducing is Stories Archive. This feature allows the user to collect Facebook Stories after they have passed their 24-hour expiration date. The same feature was introduced on Instagram last year. And now it is not surprising to see it popping up on the Facebook as well. With the help of this feature, now users can save their stories to watch later.

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Facebook introduces cloud Storage

This feature is small but quite impressive. Facebook is launching Cloud Storage for photos and videos, taken with the in-built Facebook camera app. The photos and videos will be saved automatically to the user’s account,  rather than device gallery, and won’t be seen publicly until shared.

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