Twitter to Show Live Streams on Top of Your Timeline

New Twitter feature adds live video streaming on your timeline.

Previously, Twitter the microblogging platform was testing to redesign its desktop version. Stay tuned to experience this feature in a couple of weeks. Currently, the platform has come up with something new and exciting.

Has anyone noticed the new Twitter live video streaming? If not you might experience it very soon.

Twitter Will Now Highlight Live-Streams.

 Twitter adds live video streaming on your timeline.

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To uplift the discovery of live video on its platform, Twitter is bringing live stream notifications right to the top of your timeline.

Recently, the company tweeted

“We’re making it easier to find and watch live broadcasts. Now, when accounts you follow go live, the stream will appear right at the top of your timeline,”

The new update is comprised into certain categories like breaking news, personalities, and sports. when any account you follow setup a broadcast, Twitter will highlight it at the top of your feed. No doubt, this feature attracts a large audience. But it’s still not the effective solution, the platform needs to get more people viewing its streaming video content.

This feature is publicly available for all users of the main Twitter app and its live-streaming app Periscope. To operate the “audio-only broadcast” option, users need to update their app and go to the “Go Live” button on the compose screen.

Twitter’s live notification comes to help users discover live broadcasts when they happen.

No doubt, this new initiative is the biggest step the platform has taken, which shows that they’re still working on it, and it will be really interesting to see whether it increases viewer numbers and overall platform engagement.

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