Psychology of Color for impactful website

Psychology of Color

Website designers often use different colors in their website design that attracts our focus and we keep on appreciating these colorful web designs for their visual appeal thus knowing Psychology of Color for impactful website is very essential in today’s business. Very few of us are aware that the use of color in a website is not only for creating colorful impression but for inducing a seamless impact by using  inherent psychology associated to colors.

According to a Experienced Website Designers in Bangalore, color psychology can be extremely effective for creating an impactful web design because every color has its psychological impression. Let’s check here what says colors’ psychological impacts individually.

Psychology of Color for impactful website


Yellow is a popular color for website designing: but it impacts slowing down and invokes a sense of caution. In website designing yellow color is used for:

  • For warning people
  • To alert visitors about certain call,
  • To knock visitors about a sizzling hot offer!


Blue creates a feeling of trust and renders a professional and responsible impact with its color texture. Although, Fortune 500 companies associated with the financial industry, mostly use blue in their official design to ignite trust and security from the target audience. In website designing blue usually plays role

  • On pages where customers are requested to provide personal info,
  • And at about us page to improve trust and to promote brand,
  • at last over the webpage, that contains leadership approach.


This color has a strong relationship with nature. However, green evokes affirmation and sometimes represent money and progress. In website designing, green color is mostly used:

  • For highlighting green outdoor
  • Emphasizing on environmental friendliness,
  • In order to highlight savings and earnings,
  • Creates more appealing CTA buttons.


This color is seen as being fun, lively, inexpensive and unwary. This is the reason we see the color orange used on sports uniforms. Nevertheless, Orange have great impact…

  • When asking users to indulge themselves and have fun
  • When promoting products that are more enjoyable than practical
  • In contests and competitions
  • To highlight sports teams and sports competitions

Being the exceptional Web Design Bangalore, we understand that the color effect is very important for creating an result oriented website. However, the colors in a design need to select according to the target audience. For creating best color impact in a website designing,  studying consumer and target audience’s psychology will reap potentially good result.

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