Psychology website design- fonts, colors, space

Psychology website design

A great design is more than content and its looks read out the Psychology website design with interesting insights. It’s all about visitor’s experience concerning your site when they visit it and the type of their feeling might be positive or negative- are completely in your hands and should not be overlooked with any feature.

To achieve the psychology of the viewers, one must understand how different web design and how you use them to affect the mood, experience, and attitude that visitors will have while viewing your website.


The main priority in any web page is that organizing perfect content but the designer have to take into consideration the space it takes up on the site. White space plays important role in the web design work. As it gives a resting place for the visitors and these are often found in margins and the space around things which means if visitors are using your site and whole site screen is taken up by words, graphics, it feels messy and makes them unhappy. So if you take a time to organize your content in a respectful space by relevant information so that it gives the professionalism and good vibes to visitors. Keep its simple with well organized with adequate white space that will help to convey your visitors that you know what’s important and you never want to waste their time.


Colors will help you to convey the positive feelings depend on lightness, type, a darkness of the color and how much color you opt to use. So it’s important to know that how these colors are used affects how the visitors feel when they visit your site which is: Here is the complete guide on Psychology of Color for impactful website

  • Cooler colors: blue, green, purple- inviting, professional and relaxed feeling
  • Warmer colors: yellow, orange, red- soothing, warm, and sense of creativity. It also give a negative feeling like anger and stress.
  • Neutrals: white- feeling of openness and could also feel bland and dull
  • Gray: slick, modern ad clean but can be very cold and uninviting
  • Black: professional and clean but also can be overpowering and nonspecific.


A font communities your brand to your readers and customers. Its main purpose is to be read but it’s not that people are trying to read your text instead it’s should happen. So the question which arises now is that what’s the right font? Luckily, there are only 2 groups of a font that are simple font and fancy fonts. No matter whichever you choose but the size of your font is vitally important. You need a font for headlines, a font for your body copy and accent font. So refrain using more than 2 or 3 different font types on your site. As it becomes confusing and your site goes for disgusting.

Now I pass it to you… what are your favorite font, color, and sense of space? Choose wisely and go higher with your business.

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