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Responsive Website Design tips

Responsive Website Design that serves the cross platform users is considered as the most powerful tool nowadays to enhance the customers reach. Thereby while you’re building the website, you should consider making it compatible for all the devices, below tips will assist you along the way.

Pay attention to your navigation:

Often, Navigation of the website serves the best guide for customers to browse your website and ensuring it is perfect, professional and well advisable for the audience is an essential element of any successful websites. The emergence of the responsive web design makes the great impact on navigation of the website since the concept of responsive web design contains serving small screen users. Thereby make your navigation as simple as possible and as precise as possible. Enable your users to go to those pages they want to go and let those pages offers opportunities for people to dig deeper.

Call to Action Button

Call to action

The Call to action should be strong and visible enough for visitors to recognize that they can easily reach you by just clicking on the given button. The size, color and shape of the button is an essential factor. However, the green and red color is most common to indicate a message for yes or no. Avoid using too many text in the button as you need to serve smart phone users as well. Make it short impressive and actionable. Make sure your buttons are clearly interactive objects, Gradients, Drop shadows stylistic. Which in turn, assist you ensure people to click your buttons.


Start your design with Mobile in mind:

Start your website designing with mobile in mind, because mobile has become the most crucial than the desktop. According to the most experts, 85% of the people are accessing Internet through the mobile, and reaching out to those audience can be possible through the responsive web designIf the website compatible for mobile then you need not to build it for tablet and desktop design because if the design, text and other aspect is easy to view on mobile then you should not have to make it separate for desktop or tablet.

Content Organisations:

Content organisation

Content length that suits desktop devices doesn’t mean same for mobile device. Write more economical, use only those content that mean to your website and business. Ensure that every word make some difference on your audience. In this concern, typography matters more on small screen devices. Thereby, you must maintain font size, line height and width to enable it fit on every screen sizes. Content font must not be too large nor too small. Make it within the range of 16px for body copy and then adjust it up or down depending on the font design.

Responsive Visuals / Images

Ensure that the images you insert on your website should load quickly on every device. People encounter the difficulty on website loading because of images, thereby consider optimizing it using image optimization tool.

Final thought: Although, Responsive web design is not essential to influence billions of online visitors. It is observe as counting factor be among the Google’s list of first page result process. Read Google’s benefits for mobile friendly website.

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