Web-Based Solution for Travel and Tourism Industries 

Top Technology Trends in Travel software development

The emergence of technology is encouraging the change in the travel and tourism industry, in regard to companies interact with customers. For this reason, Travel agencies are adopting web-based solutions to improve operational efficiencies and meet customers’ expectations.

Tourism no longer starts with a trip to a physical travel agent but through a search engine or social media platform.

Travel software development holds the key as far as the success of a travel Business is concerned. The innovation of travel management software is the Best thing since sliced bread. So, if you already have a travel portal, which might not properly make enough revenue for you, it is time to turn over a new leaf and Jump on the bandwagon.

So, when you purchase a travel software, what are the main features you would generally see? 

Let’s take a look at the main features of Travel software development

Online booking

online booking

Gone are those days when you have to run around local travel agency to book your tickets. In this modern era, you can finalize your travel plans within minutes. Now it’s time to start educating yourself on the aid of an online booking system. Аn оnlіnе booking module wоrkѕ round the clock. Тhіѕ gіvеѕ frееdоm tо роtеntіаl vіѕіtоrѕ tо bооk аnуtіmе thеу wаnt. Іt аlѕо increases уоur booking as уоu аrе nоt lіmіtеd tо wоrking hоurѕ. Booking modules are a powerful tool and prove advantageous for both travelers and tour operators. Hence there is no need to worry about bookings, updates, travel itineraries, etc.

Dynamic Tour Packaging

Dynamic Tour Packaging

Usually, customers select the destination, accommodation and further tour activity of their choice, so travel agents need to design a tour package as per customer requirements. Hence, this module enables the tour operator & customer to create customized tour packages.

Coupon codes and offers

The travel software comes with built-in coupon code logic which enables travel agents to generate coupon code and give it to a customer to avail coupon discounts offered on booking. To grab customer attention and boost sales travel agents need to offer discounts and rewards. Coupons are a great way to offer a discount and promote a sale.

Route tracking.

Route tracking.

An advanced tracking module lets you know where your vehicle is, when will it arrive at certain stops, and even how fast are they traveling. With detailed reporting, you can provide excellent customer service and improve efficiency, profitability, safety, and security. It is an essential component of the modern public transportation system.

Multi-Currency and Multilingual.

When you are targeting customers across the globe, it is mandatory to offer them the convenience to read their language and pay with their currency. It increases trust and also helps them understand better about the travel product. Multicurrency here refers beyond typical credit card or cash transactions, including other forms of currency ranging from cryptocurrencies to tokens. Adopting and implementing crypto payment gateways to attract the digital customers.

Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly

Since mobile devices have begun to see daylight and the increasing usability of them to browse the internet, it has been to update your site to be mobile friendly.  According to the recent survey, we found that 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices now. So, having the website optimized for mobile devices enables your customers to directly book on your websites, from anywhere, at any time. We build a mobile-friendly website that accepts bookings from any device so you don’t miss out any leads.


Chatbot technology is not a new concept and most of us are now aware of it with digital assistants like Cortana and Siri but the new generation, chatbots are personalized to mimic human interaction. So for instance, if a customer’s flight gets canceled, rather than receiving just a text message, a chatbot would pop up a message asking if they would like to be booked on the next flight. Ultimately, they act as a virtual guide, engaging in a virtual conversation similar to a Q&A session.

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