Two Trending and Latest updates of Facebook you should never miss!

Two Trending and Latest updates of Facebook you should never miss!

The most influential social media, Facebook has rolled out some of the new updates. If in case you missed those, this article has got it covered.

Facebook is introducing “Voice Clips” as  a status & Face recognition feature.

Tired of typing text, or uploading pictures or videos as status? Here is some interesting news for all Facebook creeps. Facebook is testing a new feature called “Add Voice Clip” that appears in the status. It provides users a  new medium to share their thoughts.

Facebook is an influential social media established by Mark Zuckerberg in February 4, 2004.  The platform is breaking records of user’s reach everyday. The recent updates of Facebook such as stories, live video and polls reached the popularity worldwide.

The trend of Voice Clip

The new feature of “Voice Clip” was first spotted by an Indian user Abhishek Saxena. It allows users to record a short audio snippet (no limitation in length)  & use as a status update ,users see a waveform of their voice being recorded and can add captions to their clip.

This feature is currently testing the Voice Clips feature in India with a small percentage of users. This facility ease out the difficulty  for the user to type in different language.
Aman Sexana

Facebook is working hard on the new set of smart home speakers coded  as Aloha & Fiona ,which might be launched in july 2018 .

Thinking what is Fiona & Aloha??  Here you go.

Facebook has made an attempt to launch its own smart speakers , The code word for these speakers ,initially is set as Fiona & Aloha . They may give a different name at the time of launch. 

Aloha and Fiona consist of 15 inch screen of LG ,which include facial recognition feature to identify users ,with the help of a wide-angle lens on the front of the devices and will use voice commands. Both the speakers will be fitted within this screen which can be used for video calls, browsing Facebook and watching videos.

Face recognition feature.

For  those who are active on Facebook 24*7 ,It’s time now that they might want to change their privacy setting!!Facebook Face recognition pop up

This new feature allows the user to find their photos in which they are not tagged. However, it depends on the user to tag himself  or remain untagged. Furthermore, it helps the user to detect if someone use their picture & misuse it by creating fake Id .It is totally optional ,user may either “enable “ or disable it. This feature give users more control over their photos on the social network.

Facial Recognition

How to disable Facial Recognition on Facebook?

Visit and login to your account

Go to Setting page and click on Privacy Setting from dropdown

Tap on Timeline and Tagging under Privacy Setting

Go to the option “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions” wherein you can enable or disable the setting. Choose “No one” and you will be opt out of Facial Recognition on Facebook.

Final Words

Facebook is  launching more &  more creative & engaging features  for users. Hope you enjoy these features once they are live .What  you think about this new “voice clip feature “ & “ face recognition feature”  ? Is it going to be boon or a bane . comment your reviews below !!

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