Are you in search of VoIP services for your business need than you are on the right platform because With this services you can collect voice transmission through any IP network it is mainly useful for making calls and long distance call without worrying over the telephone charges, Ultimez Technology provides the excellent Voice over internet protocol services for any small or medium enterprises.

Essential importance of VoIP

Day by day VoIP becoming more and more standard and popular with the large clients and customers it’s a common tool or to say a device which help to shorten and modernizes an inclusive range of business applications. Telephone is the most clear example for VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is also the basis for more advance unified communication application like video conferencing and web.

We create the easy VoIP with some extra features which are becoming challenging and impossible with traditional networks. Over all telephone services through VoIP are less than the alike services from outdated bases. With this services you can save money by using single network to transmit voice and data when consumer have existing under-utilize network ability that they can use for VoIP without any additional costs Voice over internet protocol is help you to get the phone calls or voice transmission over any IP this device help you to reduce your monthly phone charges extremely associated to a outdated business phone system We offer the VoIP services usually at lower price than traditional phone companies.

How it help full for your business and the application are used for VoIP

VoIP communication comprises the business application a step further by using such technologies as ICC (integrated contact centers) rich media conferencing with the latest features of voice data and video.

It helps you to carry phone calls over an IP data networks whether on the internet or your own internal networks. the main fascination of VoIP is it is a comfort to decrease the more expenses of phone charges because the phone calls travel over the data network rather than the phone company’s network thus Ultimez Technology help you to give this services at best reasonable prices which help you to fetch your targeted audience as well as your business needs and desires.

Application we are used for VoIP

There are two types of Application we were using for VoIP such as

  • Outbound call center application
  • Inbound IVR application

Outbound call center application: an outbound call center application is unique in which call center mediators make outbound calls to clients on behalf of a business.

Inbound IVR (Interactive voice response) application: Inbound IVR applications permit when user calls a company with an inbound IVR application they can exist with a fully modified menu through voice input driven instructions.

Streaming Media

Ultimez Technology currently manage server which effectively and positively organized with streaming media services we have several website in our portfolio where we integrated and combined streaming media solution for our clients with Joomla, Word press, Drupal, open cart which help our client to bring their products and services to the present market front.

In the present scenario streaming media becomes more familiar and popular it presents the challenges to your network it can impact network performance and introduce the possibility of a security break. Streaming media is conducted by a server application and expected and showed in real time by a customer application called a medium player a media player can be either an essential part of a browser, a plug-in, a distinct program, or a dedicated devise such as an iPod. Often use video files come with embedded players YouTube videos.