Facebook Working on “Your Time on Facebook” Feature

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How much time you spend on Facebook ? – probably an hour, 2h, 3h?

Well, Facebook may soon tell you about it! Quite interesting!!!! Let’s trace around it.

If you have ever been waiting to know how much time you’re spending on Facebook, you may soon be able to find out. Facebook is working on “Your Time on Facebook” feature that is quite similar to Instagram’s new announcement i.e “usage insights“.

How does the feature work?

Your Time on Facebook

The new feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong in the code of Facebook’s Android app.

This feature will display the total time frame you spent on the Facebook app within the last seven days and also calculates the average time spent each of those days. It could be a pretty scary number to some users.

It could help users, manage time spent on the social media platform as it allows them to set a daily reminder that displays a message if exceed their pre-defined time limit.

Recently, Facebook was working on “Story Highlight” feature that allows users to keep their Stories beyond 24h. However, there is no much information regarding the release of both features.

What’s your take on Facebook’s latest updates! the “Story Highlights and Manage Your Time”? Let’s open the discussion via comment. Be connected with ultimez and be updated with latest features and trends on your favorite social media platform.

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