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What happens online in 60 seconds?

I was just reading out a blog on internet suddenly my mind started thinking about what happens online in 60 seconds! This idea urges me to write most effectual insights on it. Accordingly when I Googled this term, it amazed me to see that many other professionals have already revealed constructive opinion on it.

Ultimez’s opinion on researched facts!

Here, we will go through with my opinion on researched facts.

You might consider, the time you upload any of your post on Facebook, many other users will also post theirs.  At the same time, if you scroll down the twitter page, the other users share news, article or videos. Even if you open youtube on next tab of your browser, you will be surprised to see 100+ new videos have already uploaded within the same time. Well, these facts gives birth to think what happens online in an average minute.

Realistic facts happens in 60 seconds online (based on statistics)
  • Instagram photos: 55,555
  • facebook posts: 3.3 million
  • Tweets: 422340
  • whatsapp messages: 44.4 million
  • Google searches: 3.1 million
  • Videos: 400 hours
  • 150 million emails per minute
  • Snapchat images: 528000
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These realistic facts gives birth to understand the web design importance for businesses. Where the web trend is going so fast, there are few people who deny to understand importance of website. The infography will solve their  query on why they don’t want website for business.

infogrphy on Execuses for not having website


Most important circumstance happen in 60 seconds online:
  • Google has been a part of everyone’s lives in this digital world. That’s how 4.3 million searches take place about different subjects.
  • Every new second generates a new ideas or concepts. A startups or entrepreneur is coming up with their business to put online and so there is range over 70 new domains are registered in every 60 seconds.
  • Websites design with great features with greatare now being crucial part of every online business which is a strong platform for the business. According to the survey, there are 571 website ideas are coming.
  • Sending and receiving mails are being different from social networks. In every 60 seconds, companies are sending 205 millions emails.
  • WordPress is a popular site helps to build an own blog in an easy process. Around 347 posts get updated on wordpress.
  • YouTube keep itself busy as always, more than 400 videos are being uploaded in every 60 seconds.
  • Twitter is also among one of the popular social networking site and also consider as micro blogging site which gets 422,340 tweets updating in every 60 seconds.

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