Instagram Is Testing A New Way To Add Hashtags To Your Posts

Instagram Is Testing Add Hashtags To Your Posts and Instagram Geofencing

Instagram has gone through a lot of changes in recent days, including Instagram shopping and video tagging on Instagram. Currently, the platform has come up with two more updates to make the platform more efficient especially for business profiles.

One of the most annoying things about Instagram is to see hundreds of hashtags stuffed into photo captions

Well, Here is a great news for you.

surprisingly, Instagram is working on a better way to include hashtags in yours.

Instagram Is Testing a New Section for Adding Hashtags to Your Posts

If you want to uplift your Instagram followers without using a ton of hashtags, Instagram is testing a feature that allows you to hide hashtags from your captions.

Jane Wong spotted the update. She has been regularly reporting new updates on different social media platforms.

Instagram introduced a new  “Add Hashtags” section, that allows you to search and select hashtags to add to your post.


Instagram Is Testing A New Section for Adding Hashtags to Your Posts


However, hashtags don’t display up on the photo. Currently, there is no limit to how many hashtags can be added with the new feature.

Instagram Geofencing Option

Instagram Geofencing

Apart from Hashtags, Instagram is also testing a geofencing option, providing users to choose the regions where they want their post to be available. Therefore, the feature benefits brands and business profiles, if they are limited to business in certain regions.

Recently, Twitter user @WABetaInfo tweeted about the new sticker in the stories section.

Instagram stickers


Instagram is adding new features to increase the engagement of users. The platform has introduced new quiz stickers to stories which gives your followers three options to choose from.

However, the update is not officially claimed but, it’s always good to watch out the trends of Instagram by following  ultimez blog

Moreover, the upcoming updates could be a welcome feature for influencers and business profiles to boost their brand. Anyways, the features are still in beta version, we may experience soon in coming days.

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