Twitter & its first camera feature ,don’t afford to miss it!

Twitter & its first camera features

An online news & social network service application, Twitter is experimenting on some exciting features .

First camera features

Twitter, an online news feed application ,created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. However, the application gained huge number of  users within short period of time through its regularly updated news feed. Users posts & interact with each other through messages called tweets ,users can share posts by retweeting the post .Initially the tweets were limited  to 140 characters ,by recent update the limited was doubled to 280 characters .

Unlike, many other social media platforms, twitter is going to launch its first camera features.

This new feature would include location-based photos / videos & also Twitter Moments around notable events. User can see such the collection of such snaps on the discover tab. The tab named as “highlighted posts”. It reduces multiple taps times to upload a video/picture .Thus,this feature uses just a single tap on camera icon. Still it is not clear that how this feature is going to work ,it is still under the beta version & launch date is not yet declared.

Twitter is rising its popularity to a new height through streaming live news feed which include sports, entertainment, politics & many more.

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