YouTubers don’t take a risk to miss these new updates!!

YouTubers don’t take a risk to miss these new updates!!

The most popular video sharing application, YouTube has come up with some dynamic updates within the creator studio application. This article has a bunch of information on respective updates – Let’s get in deep!

YouTube to update new channel metrics & personalized dashboards within the studio application

YouTube is a video sharing application,created by PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. The network is growing rapidly with huge number of youtubers. However,It has been rolling up with creative & interesting features to keep both the youtubers & viewers engaged.

The recent update of YouTube was a creator studio application which was specially updated for youtubers, which is buzzing worldwide.

What is creator studio application?

It is a new application for youTubers to create & manage their channel faster & easier, by downloading the creator studio app from your android devices. Moreover,This feature has some simple & creative menus to upload the video without any obstacles. It also helps the youTubers to quickly moderate comments, video editing & also access analytics statistics.

YouTube to soon update 3 new matrices within the creator studio application. However, it is user choice to keep the application in classic mode (existing) or updated version. These features will show the youTuber how their videos are getting response.

studio metrics

The 3 matrices are:  The impressions, impressions click-through rate and unique viewers.

The impressions: describes how much potentiality the video has been reached that is the number of videos thumbnailed.

Impressions click-through rate: shows the count (in percentage format) of viewers who watched their video / channel.

Unique viewers: helps the youTuber to spot which video is buzzing around & which is lacking & the count of unique users other than subscribers

Redesigning of Studio App dashboard

It  includes 3 new features : A video snapshot, personalized recommendations, and a news features

Redesigning of Studio App dashboard

A video snapshot feature allows the creator to compare their latest video with the previous one & know how it is performing within a period of time.

Personalized recommendations provide personalized high-quality videos to its users.

News features will highlight updates from the creator channel on YouTube. However, the redesigning of dashboards is still under beta version. It may come live within few weeks.

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Having millions of visitors every single second, YouTube paves the way as the most strong social media channel.We will keep you updated with all trending news and updates on social media and digital outlets out there- Stay in touch.

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