YouTube Now Displays Searchable Hashtags

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In today’s world of social media, Hashtags often act as a keyword, streamlining the process of searching for a specific search term. It easy to cut through the digital mess and focus only on the information we really want.

YouTube Now Displays Searchable Hashtags

At present, Hashtags are used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Currently, the video-sharing application, Youtube now set out hashtags for videos, that help users to search for and discover different videos related to the same category.

Youtube displays Hashtags


Hashtags appear in blue text above the video’s title. Users can tap on a hashtag to search for other videos that include the same hashtag. However, Users can also type a hashtag in the search bar to manually search for other videos with that hashtag.

YouTube creators can take advantage of hashtags by including them in the video description. However, only first three hashtags will be displayed above the title.

On the other hand, Creators have to follow the policies to include hashtags. This includes avoiding hashtags that annoy other users or something that direct people to misleading content. Besides, a creator should avoid over-tagging. YouTube allows using 15 or more hashtags on a single video.

Moreover, violating these rules may result in the hashtags being ignored or the video being removed from the search results.

At present, hashtags began appearing above video titles. They will be automatically added to videos uploaded earlier that have hashtags in the description. Furthermore, this new feature appears on videos viewed in a web browser and Android mobile app. Hashtags are not supported in the iOS app.

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