Instagram is back with new attractive features and a cool make over !!


It has been always a favorable month for Instagram updates, no matter big or small. Similarly, this month is no exception – Instagram has brought something interesting for its audience  

The recent Instagram updates, with all sorts of huge features include, “Scheduling “, Voice & Video call and  “Regram “ features which were in beta version and are not yet released. However, the released features, “# – Hashtags”  is being enjoyed by the audience. In addition, the “Focus” feature is optimized to work with version 39.0 and above.

Let’s see what’s new in the application.

Instagram to soon Redesign  explore tab  , introduce new Sticker ” Q & A”  and  “NAMETAG” 

Redesigning of  Explore Tab

Instagram users spend most of their time on Explore tab . It includes pictures and videos from  various  brands and people you actually choose to follow.  Moreover, it is meant to see content from users you don’t follow, either because the  content  is  popular on Instagram or just because some algorithm’s decision based on your suggestions and likes. However, the messy Explore tab is soon going to get a new look. Instagram seems to be engaged in redesigning  of the Explore tab that would seem to make it a little easier to browse.

Instead of throwing in everything in a single pile, the new design will arrange and group pictures and videos based on the category such as sports , photography,  or people. The genres are shown in a carousel format , allowing users to easily tap on the one they would like to see more of.

A list of related hashtags appears below the carousel . The content in every category will depend on the number of hashtags used in the video or image . The feature is going to be launched in version

Instagram continues  to drive its fame by introducing a new sticker “Q & A”
If you are bored of using the same stickers for your stories on Instagram , then this update might ease out your boredom.

Excited?  Let’s jump in

Instagram has been working on this feature in the version 39.0, adding some improvements on the 40.0 update. However,  few things are still missing. So, it needs to be optimized by the developers before the official release.

Additionally, this sticker will allow you to ask a question to your followers. However, you can get responses from them via Direct message. This box can also be customized with text and background colors

Though, the new feature is still in beta version & the release date is not yet declared but only iOS users can enjoy the new release initially.

Instagram is working on the new feature, “Nametag”

Simialr to snapcodes in snapchat,  currently Instgram is working on a new feature “Nametags”. This feature provides user to create a unique image. Thereby, other Instagram users can scan with their in-app camera in order to follow you.

Sounds familiar right ?  That’s because it’s basically quite similar to QR codes

Instagram has confirmed that Nametags is currently in beta version. Once you get access to this new tool, you’ll have the option of clicking a QR scanner button on your profile, which will bring up the Nametag editor. You’ll be able to select  either , an emoji pattern, a purple Instagram color gradient background, or a selfie that you can ornament with augmented reality features. Your Instagram handle will appear in the center of this image. Eventually, other users will be able to scan this name tag to follow you.

Final thoughts

More artistic &  Engaging features is always a plus point. Instagram will continue to use new artistic and liveliness features to set itself apart from competitors. Enjoy these latest features once they are live.

Hope the article was worth reading – Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite social media platform.

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Image source “Q & A” STICKER

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