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showtimes and captioned images

Google, the search giant has become synonymous with seeking for possible results on the web with just a click. Google has become our external brain, it never deceives the users. It delivers us whatever we need – the images, website, videos or any other medium of communication. It has become our personal source of information – our TV, our radio, our music store, our map, our telephone, and every other source we use in our daily routine.

Google never fails to amaze users, through it frequent updates. If you’re excited about some recent updates from Google?? Here you go.

Two latest and Trending updates of Google rolled out in recent days.

Google rolled out a new feature to make your movie plan easier – showtimes

Usually, a movie plan depends on what movie to watch, appropriate showtimes and different theater options. This latest feature facilitates the user to make their movie plan easier.

When the user types “showtimes” on the google search, a location Map appears with locating nearby theaters. Apart from the map, it also includes a module, that appears with a default option “Today”, which contain a horizontal list of movies, including different nearby theater name, Movies played, Show timing, rating, and genres. Further, when you click on your favorite movie, a new module “overview”  appears with the movie trailer, cast, and rating will appear. Moreover, if you find overview interesting, you can book a ticket in advance.

Additionally, along with default option “Today”, few more options are included, which allow users to filter the movie according to their choice

The additional options are

Genres: This option facilitates users to choose the movie genre like comedy, horror, animation and many more.

Critic scores: It  includes most popular rating sites namely – IMDB, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes scores,

Chains: It provides a list of nearby theaters

Language: Based on the location, It allows the user to select any language they wish.

Time: It consists of sub-option like, Morning, afternoon, evening and night. The user can filter the show timings by choosing one of these options.

This feature is currently being enjoyed only by android users.soon it will be live on ios.

The latest version of Google provides Caption for the Searched images 

Search Pictures By Captions & Keywords


Now, when users search for images on Google, each image will have a caption in bold.

Pretty cool right?

Google is now outlining to make Google Images more favorable for users. Users make use of Google images for visual information rather than usual Google Search. Previously the image results would contain just URL of a website along with an image. Currently, Google has enhanced this feature by adding context or caption to each image. This extra piece of context gives a user more information about the image.

However, this feature is rolled out only for mobiles, Google may soon update it on the desktop.

Google transformed the way most of us get our information with a search engine that enables us to find citizen-created media content alongside the work of professionals

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Google is all about information. So the concept of using and presenting information at the right point at the right time to users is what, in essence, describes Google. Hope you guys enjoy these updates. Let’s see how Google surprises us with many more updates in future.

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