Google’s 19th Birthday – What special Today in search?

Google’s 19th Birthday

As usual, I begin my day with gmail login and suddenly it striked me about “27th September” and a new tab in my laptop is showing Google’s 19th Birthday. Thus, I just snapped out for 19 games from doodles past.

Back in 2016, I had written article “What internet is talking about right now” and excited to write a new one on Google’s 19th Birthday.

What special Today in search?

Google unlocks 19 surprises from his successful history of past 19 years. Give a spin and see what comes next!

Google birthday surprise spinner

These surprises also include “brand new snake game” with other games like earth day quiz, tic-tac-toe. animal sounds and so on.

Most Recent updates from Google this year

Every day, Google experiments a something new across its diverse portfolio, however, I just lined up most important changes that Google has made to its search, web and for mobile users.

Though, many innovations are yet to come and Google recording (which is based on AI and machine learning process) is a resistant that has put into place to better optimize and improvise user’s experience.

Ultimez is celebrating Google’s 19th Birthday

Ultimez- The Digital Marketing company from Bangalore is celebrating Google’s birthday with its passionate team. This snip is mark for Ultimez creativity that is been revolutionized with each update from Google.

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